Monday, September 12, 2016

Fall trip to Guam and Micronesia

Speaking in chapel on the Guam campus
In spite of being sick most of the time, I consider my fall trip to Guam and Micronesia to be a major success. I met with all of my students (except one who was preoccupied with his wife's labor pain and the birth of their baby) and some potential students both on Guam and Pohnpei. These people live in some of the most isolated and beautiful spots on the planet. But as the world turns, islanders are some of the most invisible and powerless of all people.

So, I consider that my discipling-from-a distance teaching relationship with islanders is significant from God's perspective. It is a major privilege to serve Christ in this way. Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and patience.

I've been serving through Pacific Islands University since 2005 -- including the three years that Cheryl and I lived on Guam. Much of what I do these days is through online interaction. That's why my periodic face-to-face trips are so important. About 25% of my working hours are given over to this ministry. This semester I'm teaching three online classes -- spiritual formation, church planting, and the grad level evangelism and discipleship.

All the German and American faculty and staff are missionaries who raise their own support to live on or travel to the Islands. So, I'm not paid by the school. But I rely on the generosity of friends from around the world who channel gifts through MasterPiece Church. If you contribute to the church for this work, please make sure that you clearly designate it "Guam Fund." Thank you for helping to make this important work happen.

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